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Ask Jennyfer doesn’t just provide small businesses with advice and consultation, it puts its money where its mouth is in advocating for entrepreneurs everywhere though multiple events aimed at putting the spotlight on local businesses, artisans as well as professionals in different fields and persuasions.


From in-house events to managed spectacles for partners and clients, Ask Jennyfer brings together patrons and a locality’s best kep secrets. 

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One of Ask Jennyfer’s Events:

All Things Detroit

All Things Detroit Events in 2019

All Things Detroit 2019

Ask Jennyfer’s flagship event is even more special in 2019 with events on Sunday, March 31st and on the last quarter of the year on November 3rd.


Get excited, make your calendar, and we’ll see you there!


All Things Detroit - Event

All Things Detroit : The Small Business Showcase

All Things Detroit - Rugged

All Things Detroit started as a way to augment the services that our consulting operation provided, primarily as a way to provide a powerful venue for small business owners to connect with customers and promote their brand through an environment that is as much fun as it is powerful.


Today that guiding mission has evolved into an affair filled with the same effective approach to elevating small businesses, but now resonating in a fun, more memorable and deeper level that works.


It’s a celebration for small businesses across Detroit unlike any other.

Night Market at Beacon Park

The Night Market at Beacon Park is a series of events that will make your peoples’ weekends pop excitement and fun, while at the same time bringing good business and cheers to participating vendors!


In association with DTE Foundation and Downtown Detroit Partnership, the events will run every Saturday from June 9th to August 25th showcasing great bands, shopping & food trucks. Vendor information coming soon!

Help us discover great small businesses.


AskJennyfer and the Curated Directory celebrates small businessese with incredible heart and potential.