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I GIVE A DAMN Detroit makes fashion accessories donating a… 

  • 689

MGDY Designs

MGDY Design is a soulful spirit that enjoys creating… 

  • 587

Carved Coins LLC

A coin carver or, technically, a numismatic artist, from… 

  • 445

AK’s Hidden Gems

Children’s and women’s custom jewelry, dress… 

  • 317

Posh and Stone

Posh and Stone offers handcrafted gemstone jewelry. 

  • 260

Lightning Bug Beads

Unique Glow-in-the-Dark jewelry, crystal / gemstone… 

  • 256

Angie Colombo Design

One of a kind, handcrafted jewelry, for every occasion.… 

  • 249

Finch Finery

Finch Finery has her own line of products that include:… 

  • 225

BeadMode LLC

BeadMode offers handmade beaded bracelets, scarf necklaces,… 

  • 225

KaraLyn Street

KaraLyn Street offers stylish and unique handmade jewelry… 

  • 212

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