Become a Seller for the Night Market at Beacon Park (2022 Series)

The Night Market at Beacon Park is a series of events that will make peoples’ weekends pop excitement and fun, while at the same time bringing good business and cheers to participating vendors!

In association with DTE Energy and the Downtown Detroit Partnership, the events will run every Saturday June 4th-August 27th 6pm-11pm.


Vendor fees are $100 per market and all participating vendors must pay a one-time fee of $115
for the city of Detroit Vendors License. This special events license is valid for the 2022 Night Market Series ONLY. Vendors are required to purchase a special events license for EACH market such as Market Fridays at Cadillac, Night Market at Beacon Park and Sunday Brunch Market at Valade Park.

Vendors are not required to participate every Saturday. Advance notice of 2 weeks is required
per show. Vendor fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Vendors are allowed to make-up one rain day ONLY.

PLEASE READ! Updated Requirements for Downtown Detroit Partnership

  • Vendors should only apply for dates that they are prepared to pay for upfront. Payment is
    due within 5 days of approval.
  • To change dates vendor must resubmit application.
  • 10 x 10 White Tents are required to participate. (NON-EXCEPTIONS) If any other tent
    is used vendors will be asked to leave the market and will forfeit vendor fees.
  • Each tent must be properly weighted with sandbags, water barrels, or tent weights. Unsafe
    or unweighted tents will be subject to removal from the Night Market. (Keep in mind the turf is artificial and cannot be penetrated with stakes. Anchoring or staking in planter beds is also prohibited.)
  • All vendors will have electricity. The vendor can plug into an extension cord within their
    designated 10×10 area.
  • Vendors are required to bring their own tent lighting and power strips if they are planning to power other low-voltage items (besides tent lighting) such as a phone charger, P.O.S, etc. vendors are also required to bring their own tables and chairs.
  • Vendor should be completely setup and ready to sell by 5:45pm. If you arrive after 5:45pm
    you will not be allowed to setup and fees will not be refunded.
  • Business licenses should be ready to present by each vendor if asked and visible for the
    duration of the event (Will be provided by Ask Jennyfer after set-up).
  • Vendors that participate in the Grand Opening weekend are required to participate in at
    least one additional Saturday market during the series. Payment is due within 5 days of
  • No refunds.
  • Only one vendor per table is allowed.
  • Hand sanitizer must be visible and accessible to customers.
  • Face covering is required for the duration of the event. Failure to comply with this
    requirement vendor will be asked to leave the event and fees will NOT be refunded.
  • Vendor fees are non-refundable or transferable.
  • The market will be open rain or shine.
  • Vendors are allowed to make-up one rain day ONLY! Vendor fees are non-refundable due
    to acts of God such as but not limited to rain, flood, earthquake etc.
  • All packed goods must adhere to Michigan Cottage Law
  • Direct Sales products such as Mary Kay, Avon etc., counterfeit, knock off or replicas of
    designer products are not allowed. Vendors caught selling these products will not be
    allowed to participate in future events.