Small Business Champion of August: Karen Guilmette of Natural Red

Karen Guilmette, owner of Natural Red, is our small business champion for the month of August. Karen’s journey started one day in 2013 when she was feeling mommy-guilt about the harmful ingredients she found in the personal care products she and her family were using.  After a fruitless search for all natural products that worked well, she decided to research, experiment, and create some for her family.  Soon afterward, she went through a divorce.

Karen found herself a single mom with 5 children that were aged 10 and under.  Financially, she needed to supplement her child-support.  She considered going back to teaching, she is a former Detroit Public School teacher but felt like she needed to be home with her 2 youngest children who were not in school yet.  In September 2014, Karen decided to take a leap of faith in herself, by capitalizing on the products she had made for her family and starting Natural Red.

Since then she has sold over 10k products of Natural Red and managed to pick up several wholesale accounts all while taking care of her 5 children. Karen’s story was so inspiring and we hope that her story can inspire other single moms to follow their dreams. You can find Karen at the Small business pop-up at Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor August 18th-20th,  All Things Detroit at Eastern Market on November 5th and purchase her products at the All Things Marketplace.

See more about Karen’s story below and how All Things Detroit gave her the push she needed to keep going. Video by Reel Clever Films


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